The Indian Maharaja (IM) is a Dutch brand of field hockey equipment. IM is built upon the statement “East meets West”. With eastern mystic, respect to craft and the simplicity of subtle designs, IM embodies a distinctiveness from any other hockey brand. The Indian Maharaja maintains a high quality product with attention to detail while having a fashionable flair.

With the growth and popularity of The Indian Maharadja around the world, it is time to introduce it to the American game. As field hockey grows in the States, IM wants to be a part of it. From stylish youth sticks to elite technology in our competitive lines,  let IM be the addition to your game to unlock what’s inside!


Cindy O’Donnell

US Distribution Director

“Being an athlete and participating in various sports my entire life has showed me the power sports has for the individual. Indian Maharadja is a brand that enables athletes in hockey to not only excel at the game but have fun doing it. It is more than a brand. It is a life style  I believe in!”

Melanie Dawson

Product Manager

“Field Hockey is more than a game for me; it is a family affair! Being the youngest of a large family of hockey goers, I’ve had a stick in my hand since age 3. Indian Maharadja is a stick I wish I had when I was younger and grew through the game with! The fun style yet sophisticated quality is exactly what hockey in the States needs!

Roland Peekel

Collegiate & Team Development

“Field hockey is my life. I started playing hockey in the Netherlands at age 5 and continue to do so today.  Being part of a team is the best thing I have ever done and has provided me with many great friends and accomplishments. The high quality and balance of the Indian Maharadja sticks became part of my field hockey lifestyle and now I have become part of its team.  Looking forward to meeting many great people and doing great things!”

Your Sport, Our Passion!